Pennie explores the stark contrast and the parallels that exist between loss and hope, sensitivity and brutality, isolation and connectedness. Paintings are developed from studies that come directly from location sketches, referencing a sense of composition and atmosphere. These studies then develop into oil paintings, built upon varied prepared grounds and developed through the process of multiple thin layers of oil paint, often applied, wiped back and reapplied. This process of extending the range of tone, temperature and opacity is attempting to demonstrate the contrast and parallels experienced and observed through the theme of 'Edgelands'.

Paintings are created on linen sometimes incorporating subtle stitching using waxed cotton, and on disregarded often on found materials such as pitched pine or aluminium.

Pennie is from London and has a background in animation and a 1st class honours degree in Art & Education from The University of Hertfordshire. As well as running two successful creative businesses with her husband, Pennie has completed 3 years at Leith School of Art studying Landscape Painting under Paul Mowat and currently works from her studio in York.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Many thanks, Pennie

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